Monday, August 16, 2010

Collection of Daily Tips

cleaning your blender - fill part way with hot water and add a drop of detergent. Cover and turn it on for a few seconds. Rinse and drain, dry. I think this is a great idea I just hope I can remember it next time I use my blender...

Todays tip: (Joyce I hope you see this) reviving wilted flowers - cut stems and place in hot water. Let them rest in a dark place until water cools. Then, transfer into cold water.

Cleaning Sliding Glass door tracks - Generally, the tracks of sliding glass doors are very heard to clean. Try wrapping a small cloth around an eraser and tub the dirt away.

Your tip for today (remember this book is from the 70's) Wrapping packages: before tying a package for mailing, wet the string or cord with water. This method prevents the string from slipping, and when dry it will hold extra tight.

Tip for Today: for all of you living alone or close to it here's a way to keep your cottage cheese from spoiling - Store the carton upside down - it will keep twice as long! Ladies - this only works with cottage cheese.

Gardening tip: Basil near tomatoes repels worms and flies. Zinnia's repel squirrels...

Tip of the day: to attract birds to an outdoor birdbath, drop in a few colored marbles.....someone needs to try this and let us know. My tip from yesterday was great!

Tip of the day: to remove price tags - apply salad oil, let set for a while and scrape away - hmmm....wonder if this will work with all of those wine bottles that need to get the labels off - I'll try it and let you know......

tip for today: use shaving cream or club soda for an instant spot remover.
tip of the day (and I promise I'm not making this up) Tip On Flowers: If you have any birth control pills left, dissolve them in water and water violets. Now one of you young girls do this and let us old ladies know if it works - all those years we wasted the pills....

Tip for today: if a necklace chain is knotted, put a drop or two of salad oil on a piece of waxed paper, lay the knot in the oil and undo it by using 2 straight pins. Use left over oil with your mate.

todays tip - To prevent flies from swarming around garbage pails, hose them down and allow to dry in the sun. Then, sprinkle a little dry soap into them.

tip for today: Never wash windows on sunny days. They will dry too fast and show streaks. There you are off the hook for washing windows until january when it's cloudy!

In honor of Sarah who is going camping friday today's tip is for the outdoors: Treating bug bites - treat insect bites w/ a poultice of either cornstarch or baking soda mixed w/ vinegar, fresh lemon juice or witch hazel. OR apply a paste make of meat tenderizer & water OR rub bites w/ a wet bar of soap to help relieve ...

Tip for the cooks: marshmallows will not dry out if stored int he freezer. Simply cut with scissors when ready to use.

Todays tip - Keep clear plastic wrap in the refrigerator to prevent it from ever sticking together.

Here's a timely tip for all of my wino friends - When the red wine spills sprinkle the spill immediately with lots of salt. Dunk into cold water and rub the stain out before washing!

This tip might help some, but most of us are way past this stage in life - The Fastest way to dry up a blemish: dab it with lemon juice a few times a day....who da thunk it?

Todays tip: (I'm sticking with the summer theme) There's a bee in the house: If a wasp or bee gets into the house, reach for the hairspray. Most insect sprays only infuriate them, but the hairspray stiffens their wings, immobilizing them immediately. This works on all winged insects.

Todays tip: in this heat instead of watering hanging baskets put ice cubes in them - that way it will soak the soil instead of running right through it.

Next tip - someone better try this one - How To Preserve a Favorite Newspaper CLipping: Dissolve a milk of magnesia tablet in a quart of club soda overnight. Pour into a pan large enough to accommodate the flattened newspaper. Soak clipping for one hour, remove and pat dry. Do not move until completely dry. Estimated life: 200 years.

Dry Cleaning Your Dog (who'd a thought?) Instead of always giving your dog a bath, rub baking soda into his coat thoroughly and then brush off. It deodorizes as well as cleans....somebody needs to report back and let us know if any of these tips work!!!!!

Hint for the day: Getting white socks white again: boil in water to which a slice of lemon has been added....

Mary Lou's helpful hint: Gardening tip of the day - Toss crushed up egg shells on your garden for plant growth.

Going through my cookbooks I ran across a helpful hints book from 1979 - I will share a hint every few days - this will either make your life easier or save you money - here is a timely summer tip - Removing the Corn Silk: Dampen a paper towel and brush downward on the cob of corn. Every strand should come off.

Today's Tip: Storing left over paint: tightly fit the lids of paint containers and store upside down. Scum will not form on paint.