Monday, September 5, 2016

Sedona, AZ - What a town

When the road you're on seems up hill
And things go wrong as they sometimes will.....

So far our trip has been plagued with tiny set backs - or you could call them problems.

1. As Terri was reviewing our plane tickets 2 days prior to departure she said "Wow Lou, Miss Traveler - really? We don't have a non-stop flight, we have a 2 hour lay over in Salt Lake City and the flight leaves at 6:25AM - this is the last time you book our flights."  She rapped my knuckles all right, but I sucked it up.

2. On the said 2 hour layover Terri decided to charge her IPAD. Unfortunately she didn't remember that it was charging until we were 30,000 feet up. 

3. We get to our room and as Terri is filling out the "lost item" report on Delta air website I hand her the itinerary- all of the sudden while I'm on the phone with my sister she yells "Mary Lou (I knew I was in trouble - she used my full name) this plane reservation says we are flying home on Sat Sept 10!" I said "Oh no, I'm sure you are reading it wrong." "Oh no I'm not!!!  Now what? We have to be out of the condo on the 9th." So I call Travelosity to change the reservations and it would cost $566. Needless to say we booked a room in Phoenix for Friday night and extended the car rental one more day. Guess we will see what there is to do in Phoenix on a Friday night!

4. Just one more tiny problem to top off our lovely day - as Terri is unpacking she says "Oh Great - I packed my swimsuit cover up and forgot to pack my swimming suit!"

Now on a good note upon check in the lady at the counter said "We are having a free BBQ today in honor of Labor Day - please feel free to go have dinner."