Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A day in Vienna

December 2016
The only city that was not bombed by the Germans - Hitler visited
Vienna before the war and he loved the city so much that he
gave strict instructions that the city was not to be bombed.

We started the day with a car tour, this will be the first time I've come to Europe and gained weight- our tour was really nice - this is a beautiful, old city.

 A church we stopped in our guide told us this is the church that Royalty use to get married in

 An eclectic neighborhood - the artist that designed this neighborhood 
has a museum but he went ahead and brought his art
to the street.

 Look an old fashioned phone booth
I couldn't pass this up - after 30 years with 
the "phone company" it's odd / nice 
to see a phone booth.

more of the neighborhood the artist built

 The  sign on the street
at the beginning of the "artists" neighborhood.

During a museum tour we got to pop in
to a cooking demonstration of how 
the Viennese make the wonderful
apple strudels.

Look carefully - no need to let
language barriers disrupt 
bathroom manners.....only in

The old guard shack -

Kate and Stammie

We took a tour of this castle 
it was quite interesting to witness how
royalty used to live

At the top of the hill is the Queens little house
the King built for her so that she could
escape the hustle/bustle for awhile.

the walk way to the Queen's private palace

An example of the statues that reside all along
the walk way.

 Outside our hotel

in front of the hotel
The whole city dresses up for the holidays

And this beauty was in the lobby of our hotel
she was backlit with candles - beautiful

this was my breakfast most mornings in Vienna

I ordered a hot chocolate it was served on
a nice silver tray - I love the way they
all of the dishes over here!!!

 I took a fondue class in the St Louis and they
ended the class with Raclette - which was delicious
now I find it here at a Christmas Market in Vienna

Just a random shot of the market - people of all
ages enjoying the market day and night....

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