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Arrived via train on Weds evening. We took a cab to our hotel - the cab ride reminded me of a 007 movie - the roads appear to be alleys and it was a little bit foggy - I was a bit nervous, but not to fear we were welcomed with open arms. They have us a glass of champagne and escorted us to our rooms. From there we went out - the Christmas market was almost right outside our door. It is a beautiful one with a huge tree as it's center piece. We met Nick for dinner - we ate in the cellar of the 12th Century building, there was piano music playing in the background - I thought I was a wonderful dinner - I have no idea what Nick thought of it.

When I met Nick for dinner  in Prague - my, my
but we've come a long way from
South County!

 This picture does not do this Christmas tree
justice. It was one of the coolest trees I've 
ever seen and it was less than a block
from our hotel.

 The Christmas Markets of Europe are
all about food, family and gifts. At most of the 
markets there are little petting stalls scattered
around for the kids to have some fun

 Check this out! Hams cooking on a spit over
an open fire - when you order some ham
they just go and slice you off some.....
wish I had some right now!

Another animal stall

 This was our transport up to the Prague Castle

I thought it was pretty cool....

 The outside of the castle. The term castle is misleading
it is really a whole village behind those gates.
When the court would move literally hundreds of people
moved with it. I wish I had some pictures of the 
village. Cute little houses and shops lining the cobblestone
 One of many, many manger scenes I saw
this one is done in hay.

This is stained glass at the church
on the castle grounds. Notice St. Lukas
I took that for Tony, his son is named
Johnny Luca - and now he knows his Saint.

Upon leaving the castle there is this statue
of a naked boy - I don't know why - but apparently
everyone around the world wants to rub his
you know what....it's quite polished.
I won't post the picture of me polishing the nob.

 There is a famous artist, David Cerny who was 
commissioned to build this tower when the
country was under Soviet rule. Just to piss them
off he sculpted babies crawling all over it. 

Then to ad insult to injury he sculpted this horse
for the Soviets and then hung it upside down.
What I've read about him states that this was 
an act of civil disobedience and considered
"hooliganism" and he was briefly arrested.

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